Playa del Carmen: Changes in the law deal another blow to the tourism sector


The resources that were taken from the promotion will be applied to the Migration operation.

The hotel sector denounced that the changes in the Federal Law of Rights and the creation of a trust in favor of the Mayan Train represent a new blow to the tourism sector, since they assure that they are resources that were taken away first from the promotion and now for the Migration operation.

David Ortiz Mena, vice president of the Hotel Council of the Mexican Caribbean, said that the tourism promotion of Mexico was guaranteed through 80% of the resources collected from the collection of the non-resident fee, estimated at around 24 billion pesos.

He recalled that, after the construction of the Mayan Train, the resources went to the federal project and 20% remained for the National Migration Institute, however, now the new trust will receive all of the money.

“This situation is worrying, since one of the recurring complaints from tour operators is the quality and time of attention from this body when visitors enter the country,” said the business leader.

Another measure, endorsed by federal legislators, was the increase in the Federal Government’s charge to airport concessionaires, from 5 to 9%, an amount that will finally be reflected in travel prices and that will end up having an impact on tourist influxes.

“There seems to be double talk on the part of the Federation, since it is said that tourism matters a lot, but the actions do not go in the direction of strengthening the sector. It seems that they have lost perspective and the notion that it is one of the axes of the national economy,” he noted.

For the hotel sector, the lack of promotion has caused the Mexican Caribbean to fall short in presence compared to destinations in other countries.

“Efforts are made in terms of promotion, but in an isolated manner (…) The hotel sector of Quintana Roo contributes to institutional promotion through the Lodging Tax. In the state there is clarity about the importance of this promotion, but at the federal level it seems that we are in a situation of abandonment,” he said.

Last Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union approved the Federal Rights Law 2024, where these changes were established and were finally ratified with the approval of the Income Law 2024, endorsed early this Friday.

Source: Sipse