Isadora Rodríguez, Rarámuri runner, wins FIRST PLACE in the 42 km marathon


The 46-year-old woman of Tarahumara origin dominated the 42 kilometers of the competition and won first place

The Rarámuri community, also known as ‘light feet’, has once again surprised the world of athletics with its amazing skill and resistance. In the recent marathon in Tamaulipas, a Rarámuri runner, named Isadora Rodríguez González, stood out not only for her ability in sports competition, but also for their bravery when running, wearing only huaraches and wearing their traditional dress.

During the marathon, Isadora left everyone speechless with her incredible performance. Despite the difficult weather conditions and rugged terrain, this brave Rarámuri runner remained firm and determined throughout the 42 kilometers of the competition.

The sports competition was held in recent days on the old highway to Tula, where the runner of Tarahumara origin surprised even the runners themselves with her speed.

Isadora crossed the finish line with a great advantage, with a time of 03:58:00, remaining in first place, followed by Juan Carlos Rico from Tamaulipas, demonstrating once again that perseverance and passion are the true keys to success.

Who is the Rarámuri runner who won the marathon in Tamaulipas?

Isadora Rodríguez is a 46-year-old Rarámuri runner, originally from the Sierra Tarahumara, in the state of Chihuahua. Her story is an inspiration to all, as she has overcome challenges and shown that determination and passion can lead to great achievements. Despite not having sophisticated sports equipment, Ella Rodríguez stood out in the Jebla 2023 marathon with impressive speed and unwavering endurance.

Isadora repeated as champion, since the previous year she was also the top winner of the sports competition.

Who are the Rarámuris and why are they known as ‘light feet’?

The Rarámuris, or Tarahumara, are an indigenous Mexican community known for their prowess in long-distance running. Their ability to run marathons and ultra marathons of over 50 kilometers has amazed many in the athletics world.

The most notable thing is that they perform these feats with a pair of huaraches, simple sandals that they make themselves, and often accompanied only by a scarf tied around their neck and a small bottle of water. This simple lifestyle and their deep connection with nature are part of what makes the Rarámuris so special and admired in the sporting world.

Source: Milenio