They witness the arrival of the Pan-American Race to Querétaro


The world of entertainment did not miss stepping on Queretaro lands to be part of the 36th edition of the event that travels through 8 states in 7 days.

Great excitement has been caused by the 36th Edition of the Carrera Panamericana, who on Saturday visited the lands of Querétaro, which attracted thousands of fans and of course personalities from Mexican entertainment who were stationed in the vicinity of the Zenea Garden, to be part of the event.

The event that brings together hundreds of pilots of different nationalities, travels through 8 states in 7 days, for this occasion there were just over 80 vehicles participating that left on October 13 to the Veracruz – Oaxaca route, and then took Oaxaca CDMX, where by the way the favorite pilot of this occasion, the actor Patrick Dempsey, who is remembered for his participation in the series Grey’s Anatomy, decided to leave the competition as soon as he stepped into CDMX.

In their third stage, they passed through Querétaro, where thousands of fans and curious people gathered early to be part of this celebration and to be able to see the cars, mingle with the drivers and many with the hope of seeing the American actor, among them Sergio O’ farill from the group Kabah with his partner Angie Tadey from JNS, Eldeloscochesmx, KikisOnline, Iker Valdes, Don Yount, Soy Mirrey among others.

The favorite drivers are undoubtedly Majo Rodríguez and of course the handsome Fercho Urquiza, the home driver and whom the Querétaro public applauded upon his arrival and even more so for being the leader in his category in the first stage.

The Carrera Panamericana will close on October 19 in the city of Monterrey Nuevo León.

It must be remembered that this event has 2 stages, the oldest one was born in 1950 and was an extremely tough speed test, during a route that passed through the newly built Pan-American Highway, starting in El Paso, Texas, to the border with Guatemala. crossing the Mexican territory with an approximate length of 3000 kilometers, this was stopped in 1954.

In its second stage it resurfaced in 1988, calling it “The Modern Race”, where for this edition it celebrates 36 years of holding the event uninterruptedly.

Source: Diario de Queretaro