Mexico-Querétaro: carambola causes road chaos and leaves a man trapped between two trailers


Authorities stopped the passage of vehicles and suggested motorists take precautions to avoid delays

This Wednesday morning, the Mexico-Querétaro highway was turned into complete chaos after a pair of trailers caused a crash between several vehicles passing through the area. The impact was so serious that one of the drivers was even trapped between two heavy-duty vehicles.

Due to the complexity of the crash, the highway heading to Mexico City was completely closed near the El Chamizal area, in the municipality of Pedro Escobedo, in Querétaro.

Emergency teams arrived at the scene and are already treating the injured, among them one of the trailer drivers who was reportedly trapped between both cargo vehicles. In addition, a private car would have been involved, which the units would have reached after the impact.

At the moment, the authorities rule out fatalities, but indicated that the person who was trapped between the cabin and the back of the trailer has already been freed and will be airlifted to the nearest hospital.

Crash causes road chaos

Although elements of the Traffic Police are working to ease the traffic of vehicles, in the place you can see lines up to 10 kilometers long with slow and skewed progress.

For their part, elements of the National Guard were also present at the scene, and it is believed that recklessness on the part of one of the drivers would have caused the accident in conjunction with the unsuitable conditions of the road section since there are unfinished works along the way..

It is expected that within the next few hours the officers will be able to clear the road so that the traffic of hundreds of people can return to normal.

Source: Infobae