Date confirmed to demolish Fortín booth structure


5 months after authorities removed the feathers at the Fortín toll booth, the concrete structure has not yet been removed

XALAPA, VER.- The legal director of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), José Luis Palomares Moras, announced that in December, the structure of booth 045 in Fortín, in the center of the state, will be removed in its entirety.

5 months after the authorities removed the pens from the Fortín toll booth, the concrete structure and the booths where Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) personnel collected payments have not yet been removed. This fact has caused some car accidents in the area.

It was this weekend, during an on-air interview, that the legal director of the SICT announced that for the month of December they have a scheduled date for the entire structure to be removed and the section to be free, favoring the road flow of the place.

He said that in order to conclude this plan, which has been dragging on for a long time, due to the traffic generated by the toll plaza, a tender is already active through the public contracting platform Companet, for those companies that wish to invest in this project.

“Raising the feathers was a success for the area and especially for those who travel along this stretch of the Mexico-Puebla highway, particularly for Orizaba, for Veracruz and for the federal public transportation service, (…) The public tender for the demolition and dismantling of Booth 45 in Fortín, so the booth is already leaving,” he said.

He pointed out that from now until October 27, 2023, the private sector will be able to send its technical and financial proposals, and the one that satisfies the authorities will be applied for the total removal of the Fortín shed.

“It is already on Compranet, available to the general public for participants, I hope that many solvent technical and financial proposals are presented that allow and guarantee to the federal government, adequate contracting with the best conditions, doing things with quality, with austerity, for the benefit of users. The date for the opening presentation of proposals is the 27th of this month and with the data that follows for Christmas, we can already be starting the demolition work.”

At dawn on Friday, May 5, 2023, the feathers were officially removed from the 045 Tollbooth in Fortín, after several years of controversy and struggle to remove this structure due to the vehicle congestion that was generated.

As of that day, the vehicles that travel on that road do not pay tolls, however, almost 5 months after the suspension, the structure is still installed and has caused some car accidents, leaving material damage to users.

Source: La Silla Rota