Playa del Carmen: Corasol will give up donation areas, including access to Punta Esmeralda


Finally, the municipal authorities managed to get the representatives of the Corasol residential and tourist complex, located north of the city, to cede and deliver the deeds to the donation areas.

This, as will be remembered, after detecting that since 2008 they should have done so and did not do so. Among the areas to donate, access to the most popular spa in this destination stands out, such as Punta Esmeralda.

In this sense, the Eighth Councilor, Jaqueline Alcocer, president of the Urban Development Building Commission, reported that 15 days ago they had a meeting with the representatives of this complex, where they agreed to hand over these areas.

“Indeed, they are donation areas that every development or hotel complex must deliver for the benefit of the population, and they are in the process of being uploaded to the Urban Development Commission that I chair, so that the opinion can be made and uploaded to the Secretariat and, from there, to the Council Session,” he explained.

“Days ago, there was the previous meeting with the people of Corasol, we agreed, about 15 days ago,” he added, “we already have the documentation so that the opinion is the latest and is sent to the General Secretariat and in the following Sessions of the Cabildo will be included among the Agreements, possibly at the end of October or beginning of November.”

We must not forget that this complex tried to close access to Punta Esmeralda, which generated indignation among bathers who protested and even knocked down some of the poles they had placed.

Furthermore, in the last administration, headed by Laura Beristain Navarrete, the Cabildo approved without presenting to the Urban Development Commission, which also includes members of civil society, the modification of the density and the construction of buildings of up to 12 floors height.

The councilor mentioned that, in addition to Corasol, other subdivisions have already expressed their intention to hand over the donation areas so that they can be municipalized, such as Real Bilbao and Real Lucerna.

“They want to deliver the donation areas, but first we must review the documents and make sure everything is in order; there are around four or five subdivisions”.

“They are not municipalized; the process has begun, since it has not been ruled on in the Commission Session, to raise it to a point of agreement and establish it in the Council Session.”

Source: Por Esto