House of terror on Miramar beach


Businessmen are betting on night tourism on Miramar beach and starting this Friday the 13th, the House of Terror will open, which will begin with a tour through the “forest” that is the pine area until reaching the old White House; We tell you how to get there.

Rolando Néstor Martínez Salazar, owner of the Parada Crazy business in the northern area of the beach, together with some young people, have dedicated themselves to starting this attraction, where most of the resources will be allocated to the operation of Nelson Asaid, who suffers from of a tumor in the head.

It is the first time that an activity of this type has been carried out in the maximum tourist route that promotes healthy recreation, taking advantage of the Halloween season and starting this Friday the 13th, a date that according to beliefs is bad luck and the night that appears the killer Jason like in the movie.

“They take the tour in the dunes, they will pass through several points and there will be tombs, characters in the mountains, the trucks will pass through there, after there they arrive at the house of terror, it is an old construction, the worst nightmares that you can imagine are there. Something that is very important is that we are going to help a young man for an operation that requires half a million pesos.”

Where is the House of Terror located on Miramar beach?

This house of terror located among the pine area, will be open on weekends starting this Friday the 13th and until next October 29, with departures from the breakwaters or, you can arrive directly at the Crazy Stop located in Glorieta de the Sirens to the left.

What are the hours of the house of terror in Miramar beach?

You can also attend in 4×4 units on a tour of the dunes while almost 30 horror characters appear among the forest, leaving a great experience for Halloween lovers from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. early morning.

Characters such as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Scream, Jason, cannibals, the exorcist can be found, while the van that will be transporting people from the Miramar jetties will be driven by “The Nun”, who will be doing various activities in the road until reaching the house of Terror.

Source: Milenio