A flea market merchant wins raffle for a rest house for former presidents in Cancun: AMLO


The Rest House for former presidents in Cancun was the biggest prize of the Lottery.

CDMX, Mexico.- The winner of the draw for the Rest House for Former Presidents in Cancun held this September 15, by the National Lottery, is a merchant from Guanajuato, but AMLO noted that more information would be provided about it later.

“A merchant flea market, won the house, that’s all I know… he’s from Guanajuato, I’m going to ask the director of the Lottery to inform us.”

The piece cost 500 pesos

The rest house is located in Cancún, Quintana Roo and was raffled off during the National Holidays, at 500 pesos each Lottery piece.

López Obrador reported who the winner was but did not give more details about the prize at the moment. Instead, he reported that the proceeds from the raffle will be used for: “all of this will be used to support the athletes who are going to the Pan American Games.”

“The recovery of three García Luna apartments was also achieved… a civil trial was won, a first part, for three apartments acquired by García Luna, in Miami, Florida… I think it is 45 or 44 million pesos, “But it is only the beginning of a whole trial, where more properties and more assets with a value of 700 million dollars are being claimed.”

Source: Periodico Correo