Three people murdered in Guanajuato; two were former officials from Querétaro


A former group leader of the Querétaro Prosecutor’s Office and his wife, as well as the bodyguard of a former municipal president of the capital of said state, were murdered in an armed attack on a highway in Tarimoro. Salvatierra, on Monday afternoon.

The three people and another woman were traveling in a truck on the road from Tarimoro to the community of La Moncada, when the armed attack broke out in which they were shot several times.

The digital portal Ágora indicated that the attack occurred when the vehicle was passing through the community, on September 16 Street, and that in this case two men and a woman had been murdered, while a fourth woman was taken with injuries to receive medical attention.

The victims were later identified. They are Leopoldo Méndez Rojas, former group leader of the Querétaro Attorney General’s Office, his wife Ana María Paredes Ortiz, as well as her brother, Noel Paredes Ortiz, former bodyguard of Armando Rivera Castillejos, former PAN municipal president in the Querétaro capital.

It was Armando Rivera himself who referred to these murders on his social networks and gave some details about what happened.

Rivera said that Noel had a car accident on Sunday night in that area of Guanajuato, near Tarimoro, so his sister and his brother-in-law traveled to help him and pick him up, in order to take him back to Querétaro.

The attack would have occurred at 4 pm on Monday, when they were traveling from Tarimoro to Querétaro.

Rivera recalled that Noel Paredes not only served as his bodyguard during his tenure as municipal president, but also collaborated with him in his professional and personal activities, which is why he considered him a member of his family and offered his condolences to his wife and children.

“I have asked the government of Guanajuato to carry out the pertinent investigations to clarify such a cowardly crime,” said the former PAN mayor.

Source: Proceso