There are more than 30 Yucatecans stranded in Israel


MÉRIDA.- The Government of Yucatán reported in a statement that efforts and collaboration actions are being carried out with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support the Yucatecans who are stranded in Israel, after the violent events that occurred in that country last Saturday.

Yucatecans in Israel

According to the state government, to date there are 32 Yucatecans in Israeli territory, with whom it is in communication to provide them with the official information issued by the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Through the Coordination of International Affairs, support and advice has been offered to the Yucatecans, so that they can comply with all the requirements requested by the SRE to be transferred to Mexican territory from Israel.

The requirements include contacting the Mexican Embassy in Israel, as well as filling out forms.

“The State Government remains in frequent contact with the Foreign Ministry and is fully available to continue contributing to the efforts of the SRE, the agency responsible for safeguarding the well-being of Mexicans who are outside the Republic,” he concludes. Bulletin.

Two flights to transport Mexicans from Israel

For its part, the Government of Mexico reported today that two aircraft of the Mexican Air Force traveled this Monday to Tel Aviv, in Israel, to transport Mexicans seeking to leave that country.

The flights will be coordinated by the Secretariats of National Defense (Sedena) and Foreign Relations (SRE); There are around 300 people who have expressed interest in returning on said humanitarian flights, although this number is constantly being updated.

It was also reported that through the Israeli Embassy, the Government of Mexico is in contact with the relatives of the two Mexican men and the Mexican woman who were reported missing, and communication is maintained with the Israeli authorities.

How many Mexicans are there in Israel?

Through the Information and Attention Center for Mexican People (which operates 24 hours a day), the Diplomatic Liaison Center and the Mexican Embassy in Israel, 336 calls and emails have been answered, providing personalized assistance on the current situation in the region.

Approximately 5,000 Mexican residents are registered in Israel; 2 in the Gaza Strip and 35 in the West Bank.

Source: Diario de Yucatan