Blockade of carriers on the Mexico-Querétaro highway is canceled for this Monday


The National Union of Federal Public Service Operators reached an agreement to address disagreements over excessive charges in crane and tow yards services

After reaching an agreement, the National Union of Federal Public Service Operators will no longer carry out the blockade of transporters that was scheduled to take place this Monday, October 9 on the Mexico-Querétaro highway.

Through the Ministry of Mobility (Semov), the Government of the State of Mexico reported that Governor Delfina Gómez reached agreements with the representatives of the Union after holding various work tables where disagreements such as excessive charges for tow truck services were discussed.

Daniel Sibaja, head of Semov, indicated that, in the coming days, the concrete actions that will be carried out regarding this issue in the entity will be made known to the Mexican people.

Likewise, he announced that they also hold talks with representatives of public transportation service concessionaires in Toluca and the Valley of Mexico, in order to listen to the concerns and requests of the sector.

The state official reiterated that in Semov all voices will be heard and work will be coordinated, so that the pillars of non-corruption, zero extortion and comprehensive security for all are obeyed, since in these actions lies the power to serve the people of Mexico.

The above was also confirmed by Saúl Torres Rivero, leader of the Union, who specified that the blockade is canceled after reaching an agreement to prevent abuse in cranes and tow yards in Tlalnepantla, Naucalpan, Coacalco, Acolman and in Lake Texcoco.

“The blockade is cancelled, we are not going to affect people who have to get to work and that is why we decided together with the worktable that was held in the facilities of the Ministry of Mobility,” he indicated.

It should be noted that the National Union was going to close the Periférico Norte section at seven in the morning, a situation that would have been very detrimental for people seeking to travel early to their workplaces and schools.

On the other hand, the Union has also made four telephone numbers available so that transporters can report acts of extortion: 55 9187 4034; 55 2676 6072; 55 4230 0369; 55 3395 0629.

A few days ago, the group of transporters also carried out a blockade on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, near the San Cristóbal booth, in the municipality of Ecatepec, to demonstrate against alleged abuses by the National Guard due to alleged acts of corruption on said road and México-Pirámides.

Likewise, on repeated occasions they have denied that the transport union has demonstrated or seeks not to pay the toll of the booth, as has been accused on social networks.

Source: Infobae