7 natural beauties of Jalisco that few people from Guadalajara know about


The State of Jalisco is proud to have great natural beauties in each of its 12 regions, from Altos Norte to Costa Sur you can see rivers, waterfalls, forests, valleys, mountains, lagoons and without leaving aside the wonders that the coast offers with its majestic beaches and islands.

There is a diversity of options to enjoy the nature that has given Jalisco a privileged site. Famous sites standout such as Chapala, Tapalpa, Mazamitla, Barra de Navidad, Cabo Corrientes and many more whose wonders attract thousands of visitors. However, other sites offer fascinating little-known natural attractions.

Jalisco Switzerland: It is a place of unusual beauty covered by large mountains and forests that resemble a European landscape. This natural wonder is located in the municipality of Concepción de Buenos Aires.

Cajón de Peñas Dam: One of the largest dams in Jalisco whose beauty conquers any traveler due to its extraordinary landscapes, similar to a dream place. It is located in the municipality of Tomatlán.

Yelapa: A fascinating area of semi-virgin beaches located in Cabo Corrientes south of Banderas Bay. The crystal-clear waters of this exotic beach make it one of the favorite places for those who like to be in contact with nature and away from the urban sprawl.

The Atemajac Forest of Brizuela: Located just 2 hours from Guadalajara, this municipality offers incredible landscapes in its high areas covered by a large forest and its beautiful water bodies.

Comala Waterfalls: Located in Chiquilistlán in the Sierra de Amula region, the mountainous area in which it is surrounded by rivers and springs, offers you these incredible natural beauties.

El Salto del Gavilán: An impressive waterfall, one of the highest in Jalisco, is located in the municipality of San Miguel El Alto.

Sierra de Bolaños: Located in the municipality of the same name, it offers a spectacular landscape of large steep mountains that enclose the town, preserving it in a natural area that is difficult to access in the Northern region.

Source: Zona Guadalajara