How was the wedding of Emma Coronel and ‘El Chapo’ in Durango; reveal details of the party


During the first interview after her release from prison, Coronel Aispuro recalled how she met the capo

Born in California, United States, and raised in the small town of La Angostura, Durango, Emma Coronel Aispuro was 17 years old when she met one of the most renowned criminals in Mexico.

At the beginning of 2006, prior to the celebrations of the Coffee and Guava Fair, 20 small aircraft arrived in the municipality of Canelas with “honored” guests for the Three Kings’ Day Dance. Inés Coronel Barreras, Emma’s father, had invited important people from the Sinaloa Cartel to celebrate that the young woman would participate in the local beauty pageant.

Among the attendees was Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, who instantly focused his attention on the teenager. From that moment on, she was “destined” to be his wife.

According to details revealed in Emma Coronel’s first interview with journalist Emily Palmer, published in Elle, “El Chapo” gave Coronel’s family a Cheyenne 4×4 truck and a Mercedes Benz car to strengthen their future marriage union.

On February 14 of that year, Emma Coronel was crowned beauty queen in the Valentine’s Day contest. She received 400 votes in a town that, at that time, had 800 inhabitants.

17 months passed since that event when, on July 2, 2007—just on Emma’s 18th birthday—the young woman and the capo got married.

As Coronel Aispuro recalled in his conversation with the journalist, the ceremony was simple and took place in the house in La Angostura where she spent her childhood.

Emma wore a diamond-encrusted wedding dress, while Guzmán Loera wore a black suit. Both were accompanied by family, close friends and the family chickens that were clucking in the yard.

During the next three days, the model said, the streets of Canelas were filled with musical bands and parties celebrating the recent nuptials.

The entire atmosphere of joy was protected, of course, by “the guard,” as the cartel hitmen in charge of protecting “Chapo” were called with military uniforms and automatic weapons.

After the wedding, Emma and “El Chapo” took refuge momentarily in an austere house in the mountain city of El Carrizo, as the government was hunting the drug trafficker.

Then they moved to a home in Culiacán where a period of loneliness and multiple physical changes began for Emma.

Newly married and aware of the number of lovers that her husband boasted, she began to undergo surgeries that, 16 years later, leave her with no resemblance to that young woman who won the Coffee and Guava Fair contest.

Source: Infobae