Banquet of the Animas! Yucatán, home of a gastronomic challenge with 45 chefs from around the world


Chefs from four continents will meet in Espita for the II International Congress of Gourmet Ambassadors, from October 31 to November 2, where they will participate in the challenge of integrating their knowledge and flavors into Yucatecan cuisine, using traditional ingredients and methods, such as use of the stove, firewood and charcoal.

In total, 45 chefs will attend this culinary fair, which is being held in Espita for the second consecutive time, but the baton will be handed over to Chile, which will organize the third edition next year, as announced at a press conference held at the Quinta Toledo at the Xuluc Sur, municipality of Umán.

Chef Wálter Guadalupe Tun Dzul, founding president of Embajadores Gourmet Internacional, and Researcher of Humo Yucateca Cuisine, explained that the invited chefs will participate on the first day in a workshop where teams will prepare dishes with Yucatecan ingredients, without being able to use a stove, they must cook over wood or embers, each one contributing elements from their traditional or everyday cuisines.

Among the ingredients that must be used are poultry, gopher, tepescuintle, wild boar and, if possible, armadillo, among others, as well as condiments, in the preparation of which electrical items may not be used either. Thus, in this way the errands will have to be prepared by mixing the seeds, as well as the sauces.

The chefs who have confirmed their attendance come from Spain, France, Belgium, Italy (Europe), Bangladesh (Asia), Morocco (Africa) and in America they will arrive from the United States, Ecuador, Chile, Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

For Mexico, in addition to the chefs from Yucatán, they will be from Baja California, Mexico City, Coahuila, Chihuahua and Quintana Roo.

On November 2 there will be the Animas Banquet, where they will participate in the preparation of Hanal Pixán dishes, with the same characteristic of using ancestral methods.

Access will be free and there will be free tastings of what is cooked, with that touch of international cuisines, contributing its flavors to the ancestral Yucatecan essence.

Source: Por Esto