Mazatlán exceeds its own goal in air passengers


According to the OMA Traffic Report, Mazatlán achieved a 12 percent growth in passengers, compared to the same period in 2022

Mazatlán has the advantage that tourists can arrive wherever they want and it is easier for them, and by air is where an increase in passengers has been reflected month after month.

According to the Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte Traffic Report, the destination, from January to September, achieved a flow of 1 million 193 thousand 737 passengers

Compared to the same period in 2022, when Mazatlán reported 1 million 60 thousand 517 passengers, the increase is 133 thousand 220 passengers, 12 percent.

The month of September alone closed with 114,632 passengers, about 10,103 more passengers than September 2022, when 104,529 passengers were registered, of the total number of passengers. Of the total passengers this year, 104,668 were national and 9,964 were international.

Mazatlán, among the airports that belong to OMA, is placed in the top five of the terminals with the highest flow of passengers in total; In first place is the Monterrey International Airport, which from January to September of this year has reported a flow of 9 million 845 thousand 992 passengers; It is followed by the Culiacán International Airport, with 1 million 986 thousand 968 passengers.

In third place is the Ciudad Juárez International Airport, with 1 million 705 thousand 287 passengers; In fourth place, the Chihuahua International Airport, with a flow, until September 2023, of 1 million 411 thousand 179 passengers.

Slight decrease after the holidays

Between the months of August and September of this year, the Mazatlán International Airport had a slight decrease in the flow of its passengers, August closed, according to OMA, with 136,570 passengers, that is, 21,938 passengers more than September, this, according to the same portal, due to the end of the summer vacation period.

This month, according to what the various hotel associations and state authorities have declared, an increase in the flow of passengers in Mazatlán is expected with the arrival of foreign tourism, which strengthens its arrivals from October to April or May of the following year.

Currently, among the international destinations that begin operations during the winter season are Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver, in Canada; San Francisco and Los Angeles, in the United States. Additionally, destinations such as Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles operate year-round.

This year, according to the Ministry of Tourism, routes with destinations such as Detroit, Chicago and Seattle will increase.

Source: Punto