The impact of online casinos on the Mexican economy


There are always different sides to the picture when it comes to gambling. Whether you’re behind a desktop playing a casino game or physically at a venue, the vibrant thrill of gambling does not change. Some bodies oppose it, others embrace it, while some are just happy to tolerate it because it makes sense in terms of business.

Gambling is not a genre that is unfamiliar to Mexico. There are land-based casinos in the country and popular poker rooms, along with slot machines that are always busy. There is also now a wide range of online gambling platforms available to Mexican citizens, from sports betting, lottery, bingo, and slots in casinos provided by recognized operators like Caxino.

Mexico and gambling

Mexico is still working on finalizing legislation that specifically targets online gaming and the surrounding regulations. None of their current legal framework specifically covers it, but players can find casino operators authorized to legally offer their services in the country. This includes providing a wide array of slot games.

This has been something of a benefit to international casino operators, with Malta, in particular, being a hotbed base for gambling enterprises. Gaming operators can remain offshore but remotely benefit from the widening market in Mexico. This is particularly true for desktop casino sites, which are easier to internationalize.

Feeding back

Online casinos offering services to local players in Mexico must receive authorization. It’s at the federal level that the taxation of online gaming businesses is controlled. An operator swinging into the valuable Mexican market is going to be subject to taxation, which redirects funds back into the country. This is great for players who continuously use deposit bonuses to increase their chances.

This is a similar story around the world, where online gambling is taxed, regulated and safe for players. The money generated by gambling, especially from the lucrative casino games and slots, can play a huge part in the economy of a country. One example is national lottery games where generated income can fund all sorts of areas, from the development of athletes to protecting heritage and promoting art.


The growth of online casino operations in Mexico is likely to bring future benefits. The more that the sector grows, the better the regulations in the country are going to get. The laws can catch up with modern online gaming practice, and more adults can enjoy the thrill of trying their luck at various online casino games.

There is an opportunity to put out some modern, forward thinking and innovative legislation that supports everyone involved. Online security is only going to get better and the variety of gaming options, especially those involving slots, is only likely to expand thanks to improved investment and greater consumption of gaming products.

Another great aspect is that it could also internally promote the gaming industry, meaning that Mexican-based companies will have the opportunity to develop platforms and promote jobs to further boost the economy.

The numbers

Back in 2019, the Mexican Government released details stating the gambling industry in the country was roughly worth $2.18bn (MXN 36.5bn). Actual spending on remote gambling by players is increasing. In 2022, it was reported that $1.2bn was where the real money market was at, which was almost equal to that of Brazil. The growth projection of the industry is massive. The numbers are expected to grow by about 16% by 2028. In 2023, the gaming revenue in Mexico was reported at around $1.9bn.

These numbers embrace the many channels from sports betting, lottery, poker, bingo and casino games. The numbers clearly show that there is a demand for online gambling in Mexico. When there is demand, the supply usually follows, and Mexico, with its substantial adult population, has a fantastic population density that seems to be calling for it.

2026 FIFA World Cup

Sporting events can be a huge factor in boosting online gaming revenue. With Mexico jointly hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup and given the passion that the country has for soccer, this should give the betting numbers a huge boost in the buildup to and during the tournament.

While a lot of that revenue will be in the form of sports betting, it will also pull online casino games into the picture. The two go hand in hand with platforms that provide both a sportsbook and a casino together on one site. The cascading influx of users not only boosts the demand for sports betting but also elevates user engagement in online slot games. This is an extremely common setup and there is naturally some bleed-through from one to the other. Users of online casinos find themselves thrilled by the jackpots and bonuses on offer, adding to the excitement of online gambling, while potentially boosting their winnings.

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