Neighbors of Lomas de Mazatlán complain about damages caused by the construction of towers and ask for a solution


Neighbors of Cerro Amarillo Street claim that these buildings have caused damage to the drainage network, generating sewage leaks.

Mazatlán, Sin.- Neighbors of the Lomas de Mazatlán subdivision reported that for years they have been affected by the construction of towers and condominiums in the area and to date they have not been able to solve it, which is why they asked the authority to no longer issue permits for build on site.

Santos Joel Cañedo Rodríguez, leader of the settlers, commented that since 2016 they have been fighting with this problem, and in the government of former mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres everything was chaos, as the permits to build towers and condominiums in the area were overflowing.

“What are we asking for? We are asking that the rule of law be applied, we are asking that the municipality and the authorities in charge of doing this, such as the Planning Department, be in charge of ensuring that things go well.”

Cañedo Rodríguez pointed out that they currently have a permit problem with a construction on Cerro Amarillo Street, because at first it was said that it would be a two-level tower, but the permit that the construction company has not shown to the settlers is that it will be four levels.

He said that for this reason they demand that the authorities respect the rule of law and land use in the area.

The leader of the neighbors commented that they have been continually going to the Mazatlán City Council to talk about the issue and find a solution, but in response they have only “delayed” the matter.

He accused that the constructions caused damage to the drainage network of the streets of the subdivision, since there are many sewage leaks, in addition to the fact that public lighting is beginning to fail.

Likewise, he warned that if they are not given a prompt solution they will begin to take more drastic measures, such as blocking roads to be heard.

Source: Linea Directa