Burnaby woman sued for allegedly listing Mexico condo for sale without co-owner’s consent


A Burnaby woman is being sued in B.C. Supreme Court for allegedly listing a Mexican condo for sale without the co-owner’s knowledge or consent.

Richard Kelly Lobb, a retiree who lives in Burnaby and Mexico, filed a notice of civil claim in Vancouver to get the B.C. court to enforce a $818,496 ruling handed down by a court in Mexico in July.

Lobb and his former live-in partner, Elisabete Mori, co-owned a Puerto Vallarta condo they bought in 2010, according to the notice of civil claim.

The couple separated in July 2016, and Mori listed the property for sale during a visit in 2019 “by falsifying documents” and “without the knowledge or consent of Mr. Lobb,” states the claim.

Lobb says he filed a complaint with police in Puerto Vallarta in December 2019, and Mori was eventually charged with fraud, theft and forgery in Mexico, according to the claim.

In a civil case he launched in Mexico in August 2022, Lobb says he won a $818,496.22 ruling against Mori for “objective damages,” “subjective damages” and interest.

Besides allegedly trying to sell the condo, Lobb claims Mori skimmed money from funds he gave her to renovate the property and lied about a loan she claimed to have gotten to buy her 50 per cent of the condo.

Lobb claims he paid Mori $800 a month for six years to cover the interest charges on the loan, but the loan was false.

Mori did not attend her civil trial in Mexico and did not appeal the ruling against her by the Mexican court’s deadline, according to the claim.

“The entire amount remains outstanding,” states Lobb’s claim.

Lobb is now applying for a B.C. Supreme Court order compelling Mori to pay the award plus interest and court costs.

None of Lobb’s allegations have been tested in a Canadian court, and Mori has not yet responded to the notice of civil claim.

Source: Burnaby Now