Who are Carlos Slim’s children and what are they doing in 2023?


Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico, is known for maintaining important companies that have become the source of his wealth. For more than a decade he has consolidated his position as the richest man in Mexico, with a fortune valued at $89.3 billion, according to Bloomberg data as of the third week of September.

Carlos Slim’s assets are made up of million-dollar investments in shares of several companies, such as Grupo Carso and América Móvil, and, in the companies that he controls, his children have already taken various strategic positions to carry out the family generational change.

For several years, Carlos Slim’s children have been present in the management of his companies. Each of the magnate’s six heirs have chosen his place within the organizational charts of important companies such as Inbursa and Telmex.

Who are Carlos Slim’s children and what do they do?

Marco Antonio, Carlos, Patrick, Soumaya, Johanna and Vanessa

These are Carlos Slim’s 6 children and the business activities they carry out in 2023:

1. Carlos Slim Domit

This character is the first child of the marriage between the Carlos Slim senior and Soumaya Domit. He studied Business Administration at the Anáhuac University. Since 1990 he has held positions at Telmex, a company he joined as finance director; while he was named CEO of the company in 1994.

In 2023, Carlos Slim Domit serves as chairman of the boards of directors of:

America Movil

Sanborns Group

Mexico Telephones

Carso Group

Promotora Musical (the chain that operates iShop and MixUp)

US Commercial Corp.

Additionally, he is a director of Carso Global Telecom and Inversora Carso.

2. Marco Antonio Slim Domit

Marco Antonio is the second son of Carlos Slim. Like his older brother, he studied a bachelor’s degree at the Anáhuac University. He has led five of the family companies and as of 2023 he is chairman of the board of the following companies:

Inbursa Financial Group

Stock Investor

Inbursa Insurance

Promoter of Development and Employment in Latin America (IDEAL)

Carlos Slim Health Institute

On the other hand, he is a member of the boards of BlackRock, Grupo Carso, Carso Global Telecom and Inversora Carso.

3. Patrick Slim Domit

Patrick Slim is the third heir of the richest man in Mexico. He followed in the footsteps of his brothers and studied a degree at the Anáhuac University. Bloomberg points out that, since the 1990s, he began his career in business when he joined as CEO of Grupo Nacobre and, later, Grupo Carso and Telmex.

Currently, Patrick Slim has the following positions according to Bloomberg:

CEO of Sanborns Group

CCO of Telephones of Mexico

President of Ferrosur

Vice President of the América Móvil and Grupo Carso boards

Director of Sears, Condumex, Frisco, US Commercial Corp, Hoteles Calinda, Telvista, Telefonos de México, Inmuebles Carso and Carson’s Porperties.

4. Soumaya Slim Domit

Soumaya Slim is the first daughter of Carlos Slim’s marriage and she has the same name as her mother. She studied Art History at the Anáhuac University. She focused on the family’s issues of art and altruism. For this reason, she is vice president of the Soumaya Museum

5. Vanessa Slim Domit

The magnate’s penultimate daughter, Vanessa, is president of the Association for Improvement for Mexico and Latin America (ASUME). She also directs the wellness programs of the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Telmex Foundation.

6. Johanna Slim Domit

Johanna, the youngest daughter of the Slim Domit family, has a degree in Preschool Education. Her training allows her to serve as director of the Initial Education Program of the Carlos Slim Foundation. On the other hand, she is a member of the board of directors of Grupo Sanborns.

Source: El CEO