Mayors of Yucatán were denounced for diversions of public resources


The Superior Audit of the State of Yucatán (Asey) recently presented seven complaints against acting mayors and municipal treasurers of the municipalities of Maxcanú, Telchac Puerto, Ixil, Celestún and Tinum, for diversions of public resources amounting to more than 54 million pesos , as a result of the audits they carried out.

In that agency they indicated that this is part of the actions derived from the inspection of the 2022 public account.

The complaint was filed against the president of the 2021-2024 administration of the Municipality of Maxcanú, Camilo Delelys May Cauich, and his treasurer for the irregular granting of social aid, in the amount of five million pesos.

It is presumed that the municipal authorities could have charged the inhabitants of the municipality 50% of these supports delivered, without registering them and, on the contrary, showing that the social aid was paid in full with public resources.

ASEY stated that three complaints correspond to the authorities of Telchac Puerto, the first complaint against its mayor Juan Alfredo Marrufo Díaz; municipal treasurer and the director of Public Works of this 2021-2024 administration, as well as against a private company in the construction industry and its legal representative.

This was, as they explain, because the Prosecutor’s Office was made aware of irregularities detected in the execution of the work “Construction of dirt roads in various streets of the municipality”, in which a lower volume executed than what was contracted and paid was detected; The amount reported as damage to municipal assets is $578,741.46.

The second complaint corresponds to the contracting of a work for one million pesos, corresponding to the improvement of an electrical network.

There is no evidence that this work has been carried out or that it is authorized or connected by the Federal Electricity Commission.

The third complaint was for the payment of public works with contract number MTP-PARTI-2022-02-ELEC-IR concluded between the Municipality of Telchac Puerto and a legal entity for the amount of 714,700 pesos and paid through the General Branch 28 Participation Fund.

There is also no evidence that this work has been executed or that it is interconnected.

A complaint was filed against the municipal president, treasurer and secretary of the Ixil City Council stemming from an irregularity consisting of the execution of public works in the contract “Construction of a firm roof in the town and municipality of Ixil.”

In it, they paid cost overruns to a contractor for 154,629.37 pesos.

Another one was presented against the municipal authority and the treasurer of Celestún because it received during the period from January to December 2022 the total amount of 21 million pesos, from Ramo 28, which were obtained under the concept of income.

According to Asey, despite being required and fined on multiple occasions, public servants hide the documentation and information of the public account, systematically preventing its oversight and acting with a total lack of transparency.

Source: Diario de Yucatan