In case of Dengue, Quintana Roo health authorities urge citizens not to self-medicate


The Quintana Roo Health Secretariat (Sesa) has urged the population not to self-medicate in the case of dengue symptoms, a disease that has Quintana Roo ranked third nationally in incidence.

Flavio Carlos Rosado, head of the department, recommended that people who feel unwell should see their doctor to receive the appropriate treatment.

“We have noticed, and it is confirmed that when days are allowed to pass, or when people do not seek medical attention, or when they self-medicate, the situation becomes more complex. In contrast, cases where individuals experience the first symptoms, which may not necessarily be dengue since fever can have many causes, and they go to the hospital or health center, we can work with much more opportunity,” he said.

He emphasized that individuals who experience a headache, colloquially referred to as “pain behind the eye,” joint pain, and fever should urgently seek medical attention at a health center or hospital.

He noted that with home prevention and care, supplemented by the fogging actions carried out by the state government as part of its new strategy, they aim to reduce the number of cases.

Up to this point, the state has recorded five deaths from this disease, and currently, Quintana Roo has reported 2,746 cases, ranking it third at the national level, surpassed only by Yucatán and Veracruz, according to data from the Federal Health Ministry’s Epidemiological Week 36.

The official expressed confidence that with the new state government strategy implemented 15 days ago, they can reduce the number of cases.

Carlos Rosado recalled that they have invested 168 million pesos – 75 million pesos at the beginning of March and a second investment of 93 million pesos on September 4 – for the acquisition of materials and improvement of working conditions for personnel.

As a result, 49 vehicles with 39 machines are deployed, including 25 thermal foggers, and 142 vector workers have been made permanent employees. They have started with a group of 60 people, the ones with the most seniority, he added.

Furthermore, he indicated that they have involved the Quintana Roo State Mobility Institute (Ieqroo) to remove containers with their dump trucks, as well as increased coordination with municipal health departments.

Source: OEM

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