Goodbye to old lamps! Installation of new LED lamps begins


Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin mentioned that the first area to benefit is Villas del Rey

MAZATLAN.- Light has come on in the Villas del Rey subdivision, now, thanks to the installation of the first LED lamps acquired by the municipal government.

After concluding the bidding process for ten thousand LED lamps, Municipal Government personnel began replacing all the sodium vapor lamps with the new LED equipment, as reported by the mayor, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin.

“There is a great demand, citizens are reporting the situation of public lighting, but this is a very old issue; The newest lamps are more than 25 years old, it is a lighting that even in some places the lamps are up to 50 years old. They are very old, very old lamps that, in addition to generating a lot of energy consumption, and do not light well, they turn off and people are already tired of that issue,” he noted.

In this initial stage, 10 thousand lamps will be installed in neighborhoods, subdivisions and rural communities. Previously, the installation of 3 thousand pieces of equipment in the city and rural areas began, and the reconversion program will continue until it covers the entire municipality of Mazatlán.

“We committed to the citizens to fundamentally resolve this problem related to public lighting. We do not want to waste money on repairs on equipment that is no longer useful, but rather to change it. Replacing practically all public lighting with LED lighting that has a ten-year warranty. This will completely change the lighting perspective in neighborhoods, subdivisions and avenues,” he added.

The mayor stressed that this benefit is for all Mazatlan residents, since both families in the city and in the rural area will enjoy better lighting. This will not only improve the image of the localities but will also increase the safety and quality of life of the residents.

In addition, he reported that there is a defined list to continue with the public lighting reconversion program after covering this settlement.

Source: Punto