Nightbus, routes and schedule of transport that picks up late nights in Mexico City


Did you leave the party or work late? Return home safely with the Nochebús, the night transport that replaces the Metro and Metrobús.

Did you leave a party or concert late and the Metro has already closed? Don’t worry, you can use the Nochebús, a nighttime public transportation service, which, although it has been operating since 2013, few people know about.

First, the idea of the program is to provide an accessible and safe night mobility option in Mexico City; after the Metro Collective Transportation System and the Metrobús conclude their days.

Cost and schedule of the Nightbus

Next, the general fare costs 7 pesos, while older adults, people with disabilities and children under 5 years old travel for free.

The hours of this service are from 00:00 to 05:00, all year round, visiting the four municipalities that bring together the main busiest work and entertainment spots in the city: Benito Juárez, Coyoacán, Cuauhtémoc and Gustavo A. Madero.

Routes of this program

The units are part of the Mexico City Passenger Transport Network (RTP) and have 6 routes:

La Villa-Periférico

Roads: Calzada de Guadalupe, February 5 and Cantera

Units: 8

Stops: 48

Metro Constitución de 1917-Metro Cuatro Caminos

Roads: Peripheral Ring

Units: 12

Stops: 62

Nightbus Bicentennial Circuit

Roads: Interior Circuit, Río Consulado, Av. Revolución and Blvd. Puerto Aéreo

Units: 12

Stops: 50

Pantheon San Isidro-Aragón

Roads: Avenida 608, Av. 508, Av. 506, Ángel Albino Corzo, Robles Domínguez, Calzada San Isidro and Av. Cuitlahuác

Units: 8

Stops: 28

Alameda Oriente-Nativitas

Roads: Peripheral Ring, San Juan Canal, Garay Canal, Northern Division, Francisco Goitia and Road to Nativitas

Units: 10

Stops: 42

Nightbus Unit in Garibaldi

Cuajimalpa-Metro Tacubaya

Roads: Camino Real to Toluca, Camino to Santa Fe, Vasco de Quiroga, Francisco J. Serrano, Camino San Mateo Santa Lucía, Arteaga Salazar, 16 de Septiembre and Jesús del Monte

Units: 8

Stops: 55

Night trolleybus, also part of the Nochebús

In addition, the Electric Transportation System or Trolleybus offers night transportation on five routes:

Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas to Taxqueña

Eje 2 South – 2A South

Eje 7 – 7A South

Indios Verdes – Dr. Gálvez

Chapultepec – San Angel

So now you know, you can use the Nochebús the next time you want to enjoy the endless nighttime, cultural and recreational events that Mexico City offers and good night!

Source: Mexico Desconocido