Doctor’s murder in Cabo unleashes protests


On Monday, September 18, a doctor was murdered in Baja California Sur. Her name is Aly Jasel Reyes Suárez, an IMSS doctor in Los Cabos, whose body was found inside a suitcase in a house in Cabo.

CABO SAN LUCAS, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR.- Authorities in Baja California confirmed the discovery of the body of Mexican Social Security Institution (IMSS) doctor Ali Jasel Reyes in a suitcase. The femicide of the young woman shocked all of Mexico and this is what is known about the case.

Ali Jasel, 31, has been reported missing since September 16, the date she last contacted her friends and family. Authorities began searching for the doctor, who worked at IMSS Clinic 38 in San José del Cabo but were unsuccessful in the first few hours.

On September 18th, the Baja California prosecutor’s office received a report about the discovery of a body in a suitcase. This was placed on the bed in Ali Jasel’s apartment in the Guaymitas district.

Citizens march for the femicide of Ali Jasel Reyes

The femicide of Ali Jasel Reyes, an IMSS doctor, sparked outrage and rejection in Baja California, where family, friends, and colleagues marched to call on authorities to investigate the case and arrest the person allegedly responsible for her death.

With banners and songs remembering the young woman, who was only 31 years old, the doctors called for an end to the violence against the medical profession and demanded answers.

March participants also called for two additional mobilizations to take place in Los Cabos on Thursday and Friday at 6:00 p.m. local time. In both concentrations, they will go to the Government Palace, where they hope for a response to their proposals.

Authorities promise to find those responsible for Ali Jasel’s death

The Governor of Baja California Sur, Víctor Castro Cosío, condemned the death of Ali Jasel Reyes and assured that the investigation is still ongoing to find all the people allegedly involved in his disappearance and murder.

“It is sad, we regret her death and the manner in which she was murdered. It is a femicide that we are investigating. I hope that we will receive an answer from the Attorney General’s Office soon. I join in the pain of the family,” he told Baja California Sur media about the IMSS doctor’s femicide.

Source: Reforma

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