Two “cop killers” arrested in Queretaro


“There is no impunity in Querétaro,” local authorities stated after the arrest of municipal police murderers.

The subjects took the lives of two officers who were guarding a home in Lomas de Casa Blanca.

The capture of those allegedly responsible for having killed the municipal police officers who were guarding a property in the Lomas de Casa Blanca neighborhood is a demonstration of capacity and that there is no impunity in the entity, celebrated the municipal president of Querétaro, Luis Nava Guerrero.

“We said that we had to have confidence in the Prosecutor’s Office, in the capacity of our institutions to ensure justice and no impunity. Without a doubt, today was a demonstration of that capacity, of that trust and our recognition of the State Prosecutor’s Office, because this crime, this crime will not go unpunished and there will be justice for our colleagues,” he expressed.

He added that an issue that is pending is the review of the properties that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has under protection, to prevent an event like this from occurring.

It is a job that has to be done in a coordinated manner, although to date there is no head of the FGR in the entity, for this situation.

“We will have to review the protection of the assets with the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, which until a few days ago still did not have the owner, but this coordination is important. On the one hand, we reduce our state of force to protect assets that are part of the investigations of the FGR itself,” he emphasized.

Regarding the payment of the police officers’ life insurance, he said that the family requested, for their own safety, not to reveal when they will receive said benefit, which will be one million pesos, in addition to the settlement and other support that will be given to them.

He assured that the Committee where the delivery of the resource is authorized had already met and approved that the two agents had the necessary documentation and requirements to make this type of support valid.

Source: El Universal

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