Sicarios execute a man in a taco stand in Cancun


A taco stand in Cancun was the scene of a tragedy, when some individuals shot and killed a man who was there.

The case occurred in a white taco stand, with a blue awning, which is located in front of a repair shop located on Francisco I. Madero Avenue, better known as Route 4, near Region 68 of Cancun.

In that place, witnesses revealed that some subjects on a motorcycle approached the taco stand and shot at least three times at a man who was next to the taco stand.

One of the versions indicates that the victim was a customer who went to the taqueria to buy his dinner, dying next to the stand.

Another clue collected by the experts revealed that the hitmen had arrived at the scene to directly attack the taquero.

Due to the modus operandi, it is suspected that the attack would probably be a matter of land rights or related to organized crime.

However, none of the versions of the case have been confirmed or denied by the authorities.

Source: Novedades Quintana Roo