6 Ways to Secure Affordable Rentals in Tulum, Mexico


When exploring the vibrant beach town of Tulum, it’s easy to get lost in the dreamy coastal views, bohemian vibes, and Mayan ruins. But securing an affordable place to lay your head can be a bit of a challenge. Even something as simple as presenting your pay stubs might make all the difference in negotiating a rental price. But fear not! Here are six tried-and-true ways to secure an affordable rental in Tulum, ensuring you can enjoy all the beauty and culture this Mexican paradise has to offer without breaking the bank.

1. Research in the Off-Peak Season

Tulum, like many tourist hotspots, has its peak and off-peak seasons. By starting your search during the quieter months, you’re more likely to find rentals at discounted rates. September to early December, for instance, sees fewer tourists, leading to more available rentals eager for tenants. By the time the high season hits, you’ll be comfortably settled in your cost-effective space.

2. Go Local with Your Search

While international rental websites can be convenient, they often have marked-up prices catering to tourists. For a better deal, dive into local classifieds, websites, and even Facebook groups dedicated to Tulum rentals. Engaging directly with homeowners can sometimes yield more favorable terms.

3. Consider Nearby Areas

Expand your horizon beyond Tulum’s town center. Nearby neighborhoods and towns like Akumal or Chemuyil often offer rental prices that are more wallet-friendly. Plus, they’re just a short commute away from Tulum’s main attractions, offering a serene atmosphere and authentic Mexican living experience.

4. Be Ready to Negotiate

Remember those pay stubs from the introduction? In Mexico, it’s not uncommon to negotiate rental prices. If you can show proof of stable income, like your pay stubs, some landlords might be willing to lower their asking price in exchange for guaranteed on-time payments. Being open and friendly in your negotiation approach can pave the way for a win-win agreement.

5. Opt for Unfurnished Rentals

If you’re planning a longer stay in Tulum, consider opting for an unfurnished rental. While it might require an initial investment in basic furniture, in the long run, the monthly rental savings could prove significant. Local markets and second-hand stores are treasure troves of affordable furnishing options.

6. Connect with Locals and Expat Communities

Strike up conversations with residents or join expat gatherings in Tulum. Personal recommendations and insights often lead to deals not found on mainstream platforms. A local friend might just know someone who’s looking to rent out their place or offer tips on neighborhoods with the best deals.


In closing, finding an affordable rental in Tulum requires a blend of research, negotiation, and, sometimes, thinking outside the box. By being proactive and utilizing the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to soaking up the sun, exploring Mayan ruins, and enjoying Tulum’s vibrant nightlife, all while resting easy knowing you’ve secured a great deal on your rental. ¡Buena suerte!

Mexico Daily Post