DIF Mazatlán launches testament month campaign


MAZATLAN. – With the purpose of contributing to family harmony and avoiding future legal conflicts derived from the lack of a will, the president of the DIF Mazatlán, María Teresa Apodaca Muñoz, in coordination with the State DIF, launched the “No Inherit Problems” campaign.

The municipal official stated that this campaign is launched during the month of September, because it is the month of the will, and with the purpose of avoiding future legal and family conflicts.

The campaign consists of giving citizens the benefit and option of being able to create a will at a low cost. It will be available for the remainder of September but will extend until the month of December in order to contribute to the participation of the population.

     “The campaign will extend until the month of December; A notary is synonymous of a good investment, but on this occasion, through the DIF they will be able to receive this support.”

There are around 25 Notaries Public who will participate in the campaign and the requirements to obtain the will are a valid official identification, your CURP and proof of address. The president stressed that those interested will only have to pay a minimum fee of one thousand pesos.

She asked those who have decided to carry out this procedure to go to Constitución Street # 1029 in the Centro neighborhood from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or they can request information by calling the office phone number 6699 81 32 16.

  Source: Punto