After brutal beating a young man in the State of Mexico is reported brain dead (VIDEO)


ACOLMAN, ESTADO DE MEXICO.- Alán ‘N’, the young man who was brutally stoned in the head and beaten to the point of exhaustion by three subjects in the Acolman Centro neighborhood, in the municipality of Acolman, State of Mexico, was diagnosed with brain death.

The possible connection to the trial of one of the detainees will take place on Sunday, September 17. His accomplices need to be arrested.

The brutal attack on a young man in Acolman was recorded around 4:35 in the morning on Sunday, September 10.

It is observed how Alán ‘N’ approaches a group of young people on September 16 Street in the Acolman Centro neighborhood, he talks with them for a few seconds and then they begin to hit him.

One attacked him with a blow to the head and knocked him to the ground, and there they began to kick him and throw stones at him.

Another man tried to support Alán, but the three young aggressors did not give up and continued hitting him, tried to remove the hands that were protecting his face, kicked him again, and threw stones directly at his head.

They walked away, but seconds later one of them returned to continue hitting the young man. He threw a rock at his head 9 more times and left.

Municipal police officers arrived at the scene and arrested the subject seen in the video wearing a white vest. He has been identified as Néstor Alexis ‘N’ and will be prosecuted for attempted murder.

Alán ‘N’ is hospitalized and according to reports from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, he is in serious condition, as his injuries put his life at risk.

Source: Excelsior

The Mexico City Post