Homeless dog saved boy from Pitbull attack

Gogo, the homeless dog that saved a little kid from a pitbull attack (Photo: OEM)

Gogo, a stray dog, was the one who saved Miguel from the attack of a pit bull named Tyson in Jiutepec, Morelos.

The little boy was returning from kindergarten with his grandmother Ana Luisa when the animal attacked him and did not let go until Gogo attacked the other dog.

Miguel underwent emergency surgery and the municipality of Jiutepec is providing legal support so that the owner of the pit bull named Tyson can be held responsible for the injuries suffered by young Miguelito.

Residents of the area describe Gogo as a very friendly dog that wanders around the neighborhood without getting in trouble.

The Mundo Patitas association reported that the elderly dog was placed in a shelter for fear that it could be confused with a dangerous dog.

Source: OEM

Morelos Daily Post