Tragedy in Yucatán: bus driver falls asleep and overturns causing 19 injuries 


The overturning of a bus on the “Autocentro” line on the Tunkás-Sitilpech highway section in the state of Yucatán left at least 19 people injured. According to initial reports, what allegedly happened was that the operator of the unit fell asleep and lost control of the steering wheel. In this sense, he went out of the asphalt and when trying to return to the lane, he overturned on his side, covering both lanes. 

Due to the accident, the bus heading to the town of Izamal ended up blocking lanes in both directions of the road section, which is why traffic on both sides was closed. It is worth mentioning that the transport was completely full, and it was precisely the passengers who called the emergency service. 

Yucatan authorities attend to the accident 

After the passengers reported what happened, different authorities arrived at the scene. According to information from local media, several ambulances from the Public Security Secretariat of the state of Yucatán arrived in the area, as well as paramedics who immediately attended to the injured people. Some of the passengers were even transferred to the Izamal municipal hospital while the police forces secured the area. 

Consequences of traffic accidents in Yucatán 

Although fortunately in the accident that occurred on the Tunkás-Sitilpech road section no deaths have been reported so far, it is important to note that according to data from the National Accident Prevention Center (Cenapra), during 2022 alone, Yucatán registered 181 people died from traffic accidents. According to the road safety auditor cited by Por Esto, René Flores, most of these accidents can be preventable, especially in the case of motorcyclists who top the list of people who lost their lives last year due to a traffic accident: 

     Motorcyclists (84) 

     Travelers (33) 

     Pedestrians (25) 

     Drivers (21 

     Cyclists (18) 

  Source: Heraldo de Mexico