Tequila on board: how much does the train that leaves from Guadalajara cost 


The train ride is a complete and innovative experience. Not only because you can get from one place to another in a matter of hours, but also because you can drink tequila on board.   

This is José Cuervo Express, an old-style train that you cannot miss. Passengers can go to Mágico de Tequila, where they can spend the day doing different activities. 

José Cuervo Express Elite Service 

According to the transport website, a visit with games, music, shows and drinks is offered on board. 

How much does a trip on José Cuervo Express cost? 

This elegant train, which has seven cars, departs from Guadalajara and heads towards the municipality of Jalisco. 

Alcohol free bar 

Every Saturday it transports up to 375 passengers, who choose three options depending on the departure category: 

     Express: the most conventional carriages have a capacity for 62 passengers. The incorporation of wood stands out in its decorations. Its price is 3,050 pesos. 

     Premium plus: the space, which accommodates 52 passengers, stands out for having larger and more comfortable seats. Its price is 3,415 pesos. 

     Diamante: in the rooms there are private tables, a bar, a waiter and a bartender who will serve you Tequila Maestro Tequilero, Centenario, 1800, Rum, Vodka or Whiskey. Its price is 3,590 pesos. 

     Elite: it has large windows for users to enjoy their tour, rooms for 10 people, two tables for four people and three rooms with a table for two people. In addition, it has an open bar. Its price is 3,885 pesos. 

In any case, the ticket includes a round trip, with a visit to the agave fields and jima demonstration, tastings with tequila masters, cocktails on board, and a guided tour of La Rojena, the oldest distillery in Latin America.  

According to the website, it is recommended to arrive at the station at least 40 minutes before boarding. 

  Source: Cronista