Europeans, the new Yucatecans; crowd the purchase of houses in Mérida 


Despite the increase in the price of houses in Yucatán, which places it in the top ten of the most expensive in the country, the president of the National Institute of Real Estate Professional Advisors of Mexico (Inapim), Juan Ignacio Alzaga Rodríguez, assured that the entity It is attractive to invest, both for living and for the rental business. 

He said that this increase in costs is affecting the sector, however, he clarified that it cannot be stopped because the real estate sector serves between 40 and 50 percent of the people who buy today in Yucatán, mainly foreigners to whom “it is very cheap buy a home at these prices, although unfortunately for the people of the area it is a bit high.” 

According to data from the Federal Mortgage Society, housing in Yucatán has an average price of more than 1.7 million pesos. 

Alzaga Rodríguez indicated that there is an upturn in the purchase of real estate by foreigners in the northern and beach areas, but that now they are also turning to magical towns like Izamal. 

“We are losing a lot of people from Canada and the United States, but we are also having a fairly interesting rebound in Europeans.” He stated that as a national association they are creating synergy with people from Tijuana and Nuevo León, who serve foreign buyers and they serve them in their purchase of houses, which they transform into wonders, even for boutique hotels.  

He said that there is an average of 50,000 people each year who immigrate to Yucatan, but that number may be higher because of those who are buying in the State for investment. 

He pointed out that in the last year in the Association there has been an increase in the advice of people who acquire properties to rent, who are making long-term investments, since they intend to settle in Yucatán, for its security and tranquility, for what you buy your home but put it up for rent first. 

He stated that the Northern zone, now known as the diamond zone, is focused on foreign people, while the Central and Eastern zones are covering the needs of the average Yucatecan. 

“We know in advance that there are developers who are focusing their products on local people, such as in areas of Opichén, Tixcacal, Caucel and suburban areas of Mérida, but the Oriente is stopped,” because the Yucatecan is afraid to go out and live after the peripheral. 

  Source: Por Esto