El Mogote, BCS, where the dunes star in unique adventures 


La Paz, Baja California Sur, is a destination that stands out for captivating visitors with the warmth of its beaches and the crystalline waves; However, there is an impressive desert ecosystem eager to be discovered through unique experiences for the whole family where from its highest points you can enjoy the natural contrast that makes up the destination, located in El Mogote. 

El Mogote is a desert area northeast of La Paz of just over 600 hectares that serves as a natural sandy bar to protect marine species from storms, hurricanes, waves and underwater currents, in addition to being a must-see for visitors due to the beautiful postcards it provides, points out the La Paz Tourism Trust. 

Due to its characteristic dunes has become a reference for the traveler who, in the company of family, friends, couples or individuals, seeks to enrich their visit to La Paz through activities that bring out their most adventurous side such as sandboarding.  

An experience that defies the laws of physics and accelerates emotions to ride a board over mounds of sand at full speed, whether standing, sitting or lying down; And the best thing is, it is a very safe activity that anyone can practice. 

Visitors will be able to enjoy, if they pay attention, another aspect that makes this place unique, its songs. A phenomenon described by Marco Polo and Charles Darwin on their voyage of the Beagle that consists of a low sound around a frequency produced by granular avalanches that make the sand vibrate and cause “musical” sounds with a defined frequency and various harmonics perceived by the human ear as emotions or feelings that are in harmony with nature. 

This spectacle can be heard when the sand slides down its slopes and the wind cause avalanches, letting a kind of “chorus” to be heard.  

El Mogote also has a part that contrasts with the environment and allows travelers to lower their adrenaline levels to rest or cool off with the crystalline waves that bathe its beach; or continue the adventure on a guided kayak tour. 

As the afternoon falls and after several descents, it is recommended to locate the highest dune to enjoy the best postcards in the arid sand of the Sea of Cortez with the presence of the reddish tones that cover the waves on the horizon and the mountains that protect it, worthy of a photo session from your cell phone or with a professional camera, which will frame a unique feeling of freedom. 

  Source: Alcaldes de Mexico