Puerto Peñasco resumes the tourist course 


PUERTO PEÑASCO. – During the last 11 weeks of the summer vacation season in Puerto Peñasco, more than 602,000 tourists visited this tourist destination, reported Lizette Daniela Ibarra. 

The director of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) highlighted that the economic benefit in this period was approximately 39 million dollars (665 million pesos at the current exchange rate). 

She qualified this summer as very good, although slightly below last year -in the same period-, due to some external circumstances, in which 615,000 people arrived. 

This meant that, during these 11 weeks, Puerto Peñasco was at 50% hotel occupancy with its well-known benefits for other sectors that provide services, onlookers, street vendors, amusement centers, restaurants, etc., she explained. 


     “I also want to tell you that the recent weekend was very favorable for Labor Day (Labor Day in the United States) since we had 75% hotel occupancy and other accommodation.  We were visited by 32,000 tourists from Arizona and California, as well as national tourists. This meant an economic benefit of two million dollars more, which at the exchange rate is 35 million pesos,” she described. 

The balance of Labor Day was quite positive, she observed, although there were many complaints about the long lines to enter and exit at the Sonoyta-Lukeville checkpoint. 

The director of OCV Rocaportense, asserted that Puerto Peñasco is marking well in this period 2023, because from January 1 to September 3, it has 40% annual occupancy. 

She broke down that with 4 months to go until the end of the year, one million 400 thousand tourists have visited Puerto Peñasco, which generated an economic benefit of 90 million dollars (1.524 million pesos, approximately). 

     This bodes well for the fall-winter season in which events such as La Gran Carrera del Desierto, El Peñascazo and the Rocky Point Rally are already just around the corner,” she mentioned. 

He also declared that, despite some drawbacks, such as the economic recession in the United States, the lack of greater tourist promotion, misinformation regarding security with “warnings” (alerts) not to visit this destination and the lack of better air connectivity , Puerto Peñasco is still in force and resuming the course of its vocation. 


Likewise, regarding this issue, Vicky Morales Gastélum, president of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) in Puerto Peñasco, explained that the summer season brought many economic benefits for local businesses due to the arrival of thousands of tourists. 

She said that she still does not have a statistical estimate of the benefits, but the increase in commercial activity was evident, not only in formal businesses, but also in informal ones. 

     This brought a great economic benefit, both directly and indirectly, which is very encouraging for the economic dynamism of this tourist destination, ”she confirmed. 

  Source: El Imparcial