Heavy rains fall in Mazatlán, roads are flooded, and blackouts are reported   


Mazatlán, Sin.- The weather forecasts have not failed in Mazatlán. On Wednesday night, heavy rainfall has been occurring since 9:50 p.m. and has left some roads flooded, as well as blackouts in different sectors of the city. 

According to the projection issued by the National Meteorological Service and the State Civil Protection Institute, the development of storms has continued since afternoon in the north of the state and began to intensify in the southern zone, which could generate more rains during early Thursday morning. 

     “Clouds are accompanied by electrical activity and moves north-northwest. These conditions could be maintained and intensified in the course of the early morning, increasing the probability of rain in various municipalities of the state,” the report said. 

On social networks, Mazatlecos shared videos of the situation around their homes or their workplaces, and in them it can be seen that some roads are flooded, and vehicles have been stranded, such is the case of Santa Rosa Avenue, near Fovissste Playa Azul. 

Others through audios and comments warn about the difficulty of driving along avenues such as Juan Pablo II and Internacional Avenue to the north, in addition to reports of constant blackouts in neighborhoods such as Independencia, Flores Magón and the El Toreo subdivision. 

  Source: Linea Directa