Two police officers who were guarding a searched property in Querétaro were killed 


Queretaro, Qro. Two municipal police officers from this city were assassinated by hitmen on Tuesday night when they were carrying out security duties in a house secured by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). 

The armed aggression was committed around 8:00 p.m. outside a building, located on 16th Avenue, in the Lomas de Casa Blanca neighborhood, south of the state capital. 

The head of the municipal Citizen Security Secretariat, Juan Luis Ferrusca, reported that the officers had been guarding the residence secured by the FGR since last August 22. 

The agents received several shots from a firearm by two individuals who apparently approached them on foot and without saying a word shot at them and fled. 

The policewoman, approximately 27 years old, died at the scene of the attack and her partner, when she received first aid in a hospital. 

Elements of the municipal and state police carried out an operation to try to capture the gunmen. 

  Source: La Jornada