Rapidly forming storm leaves accumulated rainfall of more than 51 mm and winds of 58 km/h in Mazatlán 


The rains and winds caused the fall of trees, lights, billboards and even the roof of a school 

Mazatlán, Sin.– A rainfall of 51 millimeters with winds of up to 58 kilometers per hour was recorded this Wednesday morning in Mazatlán due to the fast-forming storm that caused the fall of trees, advertisements, lights and the closure of roads. 

According to the report issued by the Municipal Civil Protection Coordination, the government of Mazatlán activated the attention protocols for rains and strong winds support, protection and rescue to safeguard the citizenry. 

In the balance of the incidents, it was announced that agents of the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit made tours of the city and closed roads in a preventive manner that presented a rise in the water level at the intersections of Insurgentes and the Ejercito Mexicano, as well as in Camarón Sábalo and Tiburón, in the Golden Zone; Internacional and November 20, in the Juárez neighborhood; Bicentenario, in the Francisco Villa neighborhood, and Rafael Buelna with Marina, which remained closed until around 4:00 in the morning without any incident report. 

The deputy director of Municipal Transit, Juan Sergio Camacho Torres, mentioned that the winds caused failures in the supply of electricity, causing blackouts at traffic lights. Given this, he asks citizens to be careful when driving. 

Civil Protection personnel, as well as Municipal Public Services and Works are supporting the removal of trees, advertisements, lights and other objects that were left on the roads, to prevent citizens from suffering a mishap and/or creating road congestion. 

The official report indicates that the fast-forming storm caused minor damage in nine colonies of the port and two businesses located in the Golden Zone. 

It should be noted that the municipal government remains attentive to weather conditions to act preventively if necessary. 

At the José María Morelos elementary school, located in the center of the city, the roof fell, while electricity poles and various services were also damaged by the winds. 

  Source: Linea Directa