Presidential candidate Marcelo Ebrard demands reinstatement of the procedure in Morena


While Ebrard’s supporters accused “fraud, fraud” in the internal process, Marcelo Ebrard announced that he would not attend the meeting at 5 in the afternoon, to which the six candidates from Morena and their allies for national coordination are summoned in defense of the transformation, to let them know the results and the winner of this process.

Ebrard denounced that more than 14 percent of the ballots in the survey organized by Morena were annulled due to various irregularities and stated: “We have found incidents in a much higher proportion than we had anticipated, which is why the entire process took so long. What I want to say is that we affirm that the whole process must be repeated”.

Without the results of the final count being yet ready, Ebrard said that he expressed it before the count because, he said, “the incidents force us to protest. This is not right. All of us who make up Morena do not agree, we are being loyal to the people who make up the movement we represent,” Marcelo said in a message to his representatives and the media at a hotel two blocks away from the World Trade Center (WTC) where the counting of votes is being carried out.

However, when he was about to leave, Senator Martha Lucía Mícher arrived in the room, accusing that she sought to enter to deliver the badges to the representatives who would be observing the count, but they were not allowed because “there were instructions that no one can enter”, before which they requested the presence of police officers.

In the midst of jostling and shoving, Senator Martha Lucía Mícher, Representative Emmanuel Reyes, and other members of Ebrard’s team were beaten by the police agents. “They hit us with everything,” said the legislator.

Immediately, she pointed out that inside the convention center “I don’t know who is there, because they didn’t let us in.” Upon hearing the story, the members of Ebrard’s team began to shout “fraud, fraud.”

After which, Ebrard stressed: “Of course, we are not going to attend the event this afternoon… they are beating our people for demanding their rights as observers and telling the truth.”

Source: La Jornada

The Mexico City Post