Hotel Central, one of the most luxurious of the 19th century  


MAZATLAN. – One of the things that stands out the most in Mazatlán are its beautiful hotels, some of them historic, such as Hotel Central, which opened its doors in 1888 and until 1930 was one of the best in the city and on the Pacific Coast. 

According to the city’s chronicler, Enrique Vega Ayala, staying in that place was a pleasure and a delight, since the glamor that lived there and the quality of its service and facilities were magnificent and unsurpassed. Can you imagine? 

It had a central patio surrounded by wooden screens with fine colored leaded glass that were used for private dances. Its restaurant offered gourmet cuisine with a European orientation and in its bar, you could find the finest wines from the old continent and taste the most exotic cocktails and it was considered to have the best stocked cellar in the city. 

Here the most prominent people, distinguished visitors and high-ranking politicians stayed. The building that used to be the hotel is on the corner of Belisario Domínguez and Ángel Flores Street. 

According to the documentary collection of the Municipal Historical Archive, the Hotel Central began operations in 1888, offering not only warmth in hospitality, but also an elitist environment with the best that could be offered. 

Its facilities became unsurpassably elegant, making it the favorite of high-ranking families, politicians and artists. 

After having functioned as a hotel, it became Plaza La Concordia, where several cinemas operated: Scorpio, Tauro and Acuario, Vega Ayala mentioned. 

The hotel was built by the Bertrand brothers at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th it belonged to the Haas family. 

  Source: Punto