Mexican rapper Lefty SM is murdered in Jalisco 


The Alzada record label confirmed the death of singer Juan Carlos Sauceda and sent its most sincere condolences to family and friends. 

The rapper was the victim of an armed attack in the municipality of Zapopan. 

Initial reports pointed to an assault inside his house, but it was later clarified that it was a direct assault. 

At least three armed subjects entered the La Cima subdivision, where the singer’s home is located and shot him in the abdomen and hip. 

Those responsible escaped aboard a white car without being able to be identified. 

Rapper Lefty SM was taken to a hospital by his wife, but he died while he was being treated. 

One of the singer’s biggest hits was ‘Por mi México’, a song that he remixed together with the Santa Fe Klan, Dharius, C-Kan, MC Davo and Neto Peña, and whose video was released just eight days ago . 

  Source: Lopez Doriga