Governor of Jalisco is part of the presidential entourage on the first trip of the Mayan Train 


The Governor of Jalisco was one of the four leaders that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador invited to carry out together the first route of the Mayan Train and verify the benefits that this work will bring to the Mexican southeast. 

Through his social networks, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez said he was “very grateful to the president @lopezobrador_ for inviting me to the first tour of the Mayan Train. The truth is an impressive work that will have a huge social impact and will allow us to discover the wonders of the Mexican southeast”.

Along with his message, he uploaded a couple of photographs in which he is seen with the president in one of the train compartments and in the company of the other governors who attended the event that took place after the Fifth Government Report. 

Prior to this message, he uploaded another in which he highlights that during the activity he was with the richest man in Mexico. “With a luxury seat mate in the president’s report @lopezobrador_. The engineer Carlos Slim is an extraordinary man and a businessman who raises the name of Mexico in the world ”, although he did not mention if he talked about any project for Jalisco. 

While President Andrés Manuel López Obrador highlighted the construction of Line Four of the Electric Train from Tlaquepaque to Tlajomulco and said that the project is part of a series of railways that are being built in the country and for the benefit of citizens. 

When talking about the rehabilitation of the trains in the country and their importance for the communities, he said that “the passenger trains will return, because these are the trains, plus the ones in Jalisco whose governor is here, the new train in Nuevo León is leaving to inaugurate the first stage of the Train from Toluca to Mexico City” which already has the name of El Insurgente in homage and honor to Cura Hidalgo. 

“We are going to inaugurate the Mayan Train in December, there are 20 stations and 14 stops, passengers, national and international tourists will be transported quickly and safely through five southeastern states, they will be able to visit a mystical region of fauna, flora, native fauna and majestic cities of Ancient Mexico, both pre-Hispanic and this beautiful Colonial City of Campeche” in its 1,500 kilometers, detailed President López Obrador. 

  Source: El Occidental