Prepare for lobster season in September 


As of 00:00 hours on September 16, a favorable season for the capture of the Pacific Red Lobster (Panulirus interruptus) is expected, said the head of the Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SEPESCA BC), Alma Rosa García Juarez. 

The state official highlighted the efforts of the productive sector to maintain a sustainable use of the resource and highlighted the importance of institutional collaboration to preserve order and legality with inspection and surveillance actions. 

She pointed out that this is one of the most anticipated seasons for hundreds of families, due to the direct and indirect jobs that are generated with the effort to capture, store, transport and sell the crustacean. 

“It is a very important value chain, with many years of experience on the part of the fishing organizations of the social sector, which have learned to take care of the resource, both in its natural environment, and in each step of the process, until reaching the most demanding consumers,” he said. 

Currently, 34 organizations operate in Baja California with permits or concessions, which employ around 253 teams, made up of a boat and two fishermen, with an average production of more than 600 tons per year in the last six years. 

Regarding the inspection and surveillance actions, he recognized the willingness of the Federal Officials of the National Aquaculture and Fisheries Commission (CONAPESCA), as well as the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (SEMAR), to carry out preventive tours against fishing furtive and other illegal actions. 

The lobster season will begin on September 16 and will end at midnight on February 15, in accordance with the provisions of NOM-006-SAG/PESC-2016, which regulates the use of all lobster species. 

 Source: Ensenada Net