Hoverboard, Skateboard, or Electric Scooter: Which Is the Best Last-Mile Commuter?


What Is the Last-Mile Commuting?

With the immense increase in urban transportation due to increased collaboration, the concept of last-mile commuting has come into play. Last-mile commuting is the short distance people must cover to reach their destination.

That particular destination is mostly too far to walk comfortably, yet not far enough to take a car or a bus.

People seek sustainable and convenient transportation solutions as traffic congestion worsens and cities expand. So, this is where innovative options like hoverboards, skateboards, and adult scooter models are gaining popularity. 

Along with covering short distances, last-mile commuting addresses issues like congested streets, limited parking spaces, and other concerns. 

Hoverboards, state boards, and electric urban scooters are some of the most preferred modes of last-commuting. So, to choose the best among these, we will look at some essential factors like safety, ease of use, infrastructure compatibility, and personal preferences.

Varla fastest electric scooter

Hoverboard vs. Electric Skateboard vs. Electric Scooter – Which One Should You Buy?

Let’s delve into the details of each aspect and compare the options:

Electric Scooter vs. Hoverboard

Portability and Compactness

Electric Scooter: Adult electric scooters do come with a foldable design. It makes them highly portable and easy to carry.

Hoverboard: Hoverboards are also compact and portable, but they sometimes come in large sizes, which makes them slightly less convenient.

Balance and Control

Electric Scooters: These urban scooters are stable and offer a smooth ride. Riders with different skills can manage to drive these without much hassle.

Hoverboard: Hoverboards are more challenging, requiring good balance and coordination techniques.

Electric Motor and Range

Electric scooter: Typically, urban scooters have a more powerful battery system that lasts longer. These also offer faster speeds and cover greater distances. 

Hoverboard: These usually have a smaller battery pack than adult electric scooters, and their battery life and speed limits are also less.

Terrain Limitations

Electric Scooter: These include larger wheels, suspension systems, and shock absorption features that help handle different terrains.

Hoverboards: Hoverboards work well on smooth and balanced surfaces. They are not suited to bumpy, rough, or uneven terrain, as there could be a high chance of losing balance. 

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Electric Scooter: The legal implications of electric scooters depend upon the jurisdiction. Some places embrace these as eco-friendly, while others place restrictions on them. Many of these restrictions are the same as imposed on all the other vehicles. 

Hoverboard: Hoverboard regulations in some places include an age limit, mandatory helmet usage, limitations on speed limits, violation penalties, and so on, much like the restrictions on all the other vehicles. 

Safety Concerns

Electric Scooters: Electric urban scooters mostly come with more stable platforms, which reduces the risks of falling, slipping, or tripping.

Hoverboard: The structure of the hoverboards is not so stable, which makes them more prone to loss of balance and control. New hoverboard models also risk fires due to overheating, which can be damaging.

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Electric Scooters vs. Electric Skateboards

As we have already shed light on the various performance factors related to electric motorized scooters, let’s compare them with electric stake boards by looking at their features.

1. Portability and Compactness: Electric skateboards are portable but might be less compact than electric dual-motor scooters because they are elongated.

2. Balance and Control: One can only ride an electric stakeboard with thorough practice. Balance and coordination skills are critical to driving them safely. Hence, investing time into practice is vital.

3. Electric Motor and Range: Electric skateboards come with various motor power and battery ranges, with speed limits ranging from 18 to 28 mph.

4. Terrain Limitations: Skateboards operate well on smooth and leveled surfaces like pavements or roads. However handling them on uneven terrains is complex, and they can be prone to accidents. 

5. Legal and Regulatory Considerations: The legal implications of an electric skateboard can vary depending on the location. Some standard regulations are speed limits, bans on driving on the pavements, parking restrictions, age limits, mandatory helmets, etc. 

6. Safety Concerns: Electric skateboards require careful balance and control, similar to hoverboards, potentially leading to falls or accidents if not ridden cautiously.

Ease of Use: Electric Scooters Are Easier to Learn

The comparative content above shows that electric motorized scooters are much easier to learn and handle than hoverboards and electric stakeboards.

The stability levels offered by electric scooters are perfect for beginners for balance. The handlebars can be used as steering wheels.

One of the most prominent advantages of motorized scooters is their wide deck, where riders can comfortably place both feet.

Furthermore, electric scooters have larger wheels and a sturdy frame, allowing them to handle various terrains comfortably.

Popular Electric Commuter Scooter Models

Now we will look at two of the top electric scooter models to guide you more about the fantastic features of these inventions.

A. Varla Pegasus Dual Motor City Commuter Scooter

Varla Pegasus Dual Motor City Commuter Scooter is now emerging as one of the top last-mile commuting solutions with cutting-edge features. Pegasus has dual motors, each of 500W power, and a power output of 1920W. It delivers a top speed of almost 28 mph.

It has a 48V/15.6Ah lithium-ion battery, and the scooter can ride up to 28 miles on a single charge. It has a battery management system, which checks and displays the battery’s health. 

It has both front and rear LED lights, increasing visibility. With the dual mechanical brake system, this dual-motor scooter offers quick and easy braking, preventing accidents.

B. Varla Falcon Single Motor Urban Commuting Scooter

Varla Falcon Single Motor Urban Commuting Scooter is another innovative solution for last-mile commuting. It consists of modern and upgraded features, best for today’s riders. The commuter scooter has a 500W hub motor, offering a speed of up to 22MPH.

It has a 48V 10.4Ah battery, and the battery management system handles everything from overcharging, low-voltage, and short circuits to temperature and current protection. The 18650 lithium-ion batteries help the Falcon to cover long distances quickly. 

Its dual suspension system offers enhanced comfort and safety, absorbing bumps and shocks. The dual motor scooter has dual headlights and taillights, ensuring visibility for nighttime rides. One of the most outstanding benefits of Falcon is that we can fold it within 3 seconds.

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Personal Experiences and Testimonials 

Many users expressed that their best electric scooter offered excellent performance for the price they had to pay. Furthermore, they recommended others get the 9-inch tubeless tire version, as they did cover 200 miles on it and did not encounter any issues.

Users also noted that the dual motor setup increases the commuter scooter’s performance, making their investment worth it. Some people appreciated the stiffness of the steering as it helped maintain control.

People also expressed that even if they faced any issues regarding the adult electric scooters, Varla addressed them satisfactorily. Many people said that they loved the sleek design and vibrant colors.


Ultimately, from the above content, among hoverboards, electric skateboards, and adult electric scooters, electric scooters are the clear winners of the ideal last-mile commuting solution. The electric scooter ticks all the right boxes to make it perfect for the daily commute, as seen in the reviews. 

So, whether navigating bustling cityscapes or cruising through out-of-town streets, give electric scooters such as Varla’s Pegasus and Falcon a chance to make your journey much more enjoyable and hassle-free. 

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