They announce a lawsuit against the mayor of Mérida for alleged patrimonial damage for the purchase of luminaires for 588 million pesos 


MÉRIDA, MX.- For an alleged patrimonial damage for the purchase of luminaires that will represent a cost of 588 million 761 thousand pesos for the Mérida City Council, members of the ‘Ya Basta’ collective, announced that they will file a lawsuit against the mayor Renán Barrera Concha. 

For those who make up the group, this event would be the largest and most serious property damage in the history of Mérida, since this expense must be paid to the Santander bank, and they consider that it was an irresponsible act on the part of the mayor. 

“This affectation to the treasury is truly worrying, because no official is going to pay this million-dollar debt out of their pockets, if not the ones who are going to pay it are the ones who live in this municipality,” mentioned one of the members. 

Given this situation, they have considered filing a complaint on the grounds that this is a damage to the public treasury. 

Likewise, representatives of this group made up of Blanca Estrada Mora, Marysol Canto Ortiz and Nicolás Andrés Dájer, indicated that for 10 years the municipal authority has acted irresponsibly in financial matters. 

“It is not unprecedented that damage is caused to Mérida, because it has happened on many occasions, but this case is the largest and most serious in the history of the municipality, at least that is known,” said Estrada Mora. 

The people who denounced, indicated that the debt was attracted in 2018 and to date it has increased. 

Marysol Canto commented that both the mayor and the governor Mauricio Vila Dosal have not complied with adopting the Open Contracting standard (EDCA-MX) or with giving maximum publicity to the Anti-Corruption System Law. 

 Source: Noticaribe