They will urge the National Guard to intervene on the Durango-Mazatlán highway 


The National Guard, Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe), and the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) will again be asked to intervene so that there is a presence of security and maintenance agents on the highway to Mazatlán, to that the alternate routes that are operating on the highway again be closed, and that users be provided with security, reported Blanca Estela Castro, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) in Durango. 

She highlighted that when there was a presence of different business organizations from Durango in Mexico City with said authorities, various commitments were agreed upon and positive results began to be obtained, there was a greater presence of National Guard security agents, and these alternative routes could be closed. 

It should be noted that the actions of the security forces began to translate into results, such as the decrease in assaults, since some insurers already indicated a decrease in vehicle theft in the entity by up to 80 percent, and in part it was due to the presence safety on the roads. 

In this way, the request will continue so that there is a security presence on the road again, and if there is, that there be a greater number of rounds, because users are not detecting the presence of security forces when they travel. 

Likewise, that these alternative routes are open again in some sections, it is because a good part of the users prefer it instead of spending a little more in the established booths, this affects not only the safety of the same travelers, it is also necessary to remember that around a billion pesos were not received due to non-payment at the booths. 

It is true that it is one of the most expensive communication routes in the country, but it is also one of those that requires the greatest continuous investment to keep it in good condition, she added. 

The President of Coparmex pointed out that she urged Capufe and SICT to intervene in the recovery of the asphalt, as well as the repair required by the tunnels, which was a commitment agreed upon with them on that visit to Mexico City, and which at first was seen with the intervention in some tunnels. 

 Source: El Sol de Durango