They deliver the file to make La Noria a Pueblo Señorial  


MAZATLÁN.- With the clear mission of positioning La Noria, the Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries in Mazatlán, Martín Ochoa López, together with the members of the Citizen Committee of La Noria, delivered the file and documentation required to enter to the call launched by the Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat for new Señorial Towns. 

The official pointed out that for more than five years he has been working hand in hand with the Citizen Committee of La Noria, promoting public policies so that it can position itself in the union from cultural, gastronomic and traditional spaces of the entity. 

“We come to the Ministry of Tourism to physically deliver the file of the Town of La Noria in search of its participation in the call for Pueblos Señoriales that the Sectur issued at the time. 

“It is important to remember that of the towns that we have in the eight unions and other communities of Mazatlán, it is the committee of La Noria that was organized, and they were waiting for everything for this moment,” said Ochoa López. 

The Sedectur leader said that he has also been working on the rescue of architectural spaces within said community that are part of the important historical heritage of La Noria, which makes it an ideal candidate to be named as a Señorial Town. 

On the other hand, he mentioned that hard work is already being done to promote Veranos, since he is in charge of the mayor, Édgar González Zataraín, seeking to continue promoting tourism in rural areas and give it a different face than what is accustomed to for all visitors. 

Sinaloa has a total of nine Pueblos Senoriales, of which Choix, Concordia, Copala, Imala, Elota, El Quelite, San Ignacio, Sinaloa de Leyva and Villa de Ahome stand out. 

What are the Pueblos Señoriales? 

The Pueblos Señoriales are small towns that are distinguished by their history, their architecture and their colonial beauty. These evoke the majesty and splendor of bygone eras, transporting visitors on a journey through time. 

 Source: Punto