They find a lifeless woman in a hotel in the center of Mérida 


This Tuesday afternoon the alarms went off in Mérida, since a woman was found lifeless in one of the rooms of a hotel, which is located on Calle 69 between 54 and 56 in the Center of Mérida, next to the market San Benito. 

According to the first inquiries, this afternoon, one of the employees of this old hotel was surprised that they had not delivered the key to that room after the check-out time had passed, so he went to check what was happening. 

It was so that he went to the second floor of the building, where he knocked on the door and since they did not answer him, he entered the room and found the lifeless middle-aged woman. 

The hotel managers called the emergency number and Mérida Municipal Police officers arrived at the site, along with paramedics, who found that the lady had no vital signs. 

Personnel from the State Investigation Police (PEI) arrived at the site to initiate the first inquiries into how the guest lost her life, since the causes of her death are still not clear, whether it was pathological or of another nature. 

Agents from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) continue at the scene and personnel from the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) arrived to remove her body. 

 Source: Novedades