Mérida: Renán Barrera’s “En Bici” program is rejected; Users claim that ‘they no longer work’ 


Meridanos decide not to use the vehicles of the “En Bici” program, since they considered that the units are already beginning to have damage, brake failures and hardening of the handlebars, in the same way they commented that, since in September the service will no longer be free, it will not be profitable if the rent is above 20 pesos, since it is what it costs to rent a vehicle on the Bici-Ruta. 

The users of this transport commented that they prefer not to use the bicycles of the “En Bici” program, offered by the Mérida City Council, since they assure that they begin to show faults when using them, it is even dangerous, they indicated that they have not seen that they are maintained as they are used so many times, they should be constantly checked. 

“It’s like we said, every new broom sweeps well, you came, got on and used it as much as you wanted, suddenly they began to say that you couldn’t use it for more than half an hour because you were going to be charged in the card that you have registered, I understand that it is a service, but they had already told us that they were going to start charging in September and not before, in the last month I have used it twice and because I am lazy to walk, I take it as a ride from Mejorada to San Juan, although later it is even scary because of all the traffic in the city, especially in the morning,” said Carlos Moo. 

For his part, Edgar Jiménez commented: “They are no longer useful, nor are they maintained, the seat of some already moves or they do not have a brake, in addition to the fact that you can only use it for a little while and you are going to have an accident, there is no insurance that say that they are going to take care of my expenses in case of an accident, I prefer to walk or take a bus”. 

They also indicated that it has not yet been communicated how much would be the fee that would be charged for using the units after this trial period; however, they commented that the charge should be between 15 and 18 pesos, more than people would pay. 

“For example, here in the Bici-Ruta the rental of bicycles starts at 20 pesos an hour, but you choose the bike, the size, model and everything, and if something doesn’t work for you, you go and change it. The City Council bicycles charge more than 20 pesos, it would not work for people, because, for example, if they use it to get from García Ginerés to the Center and it takes me more than half an hour, they charge me more than 20 pesos, it is not convenient for me I better take a bus”, commented Juan Valle. 

 Source: Por Esto