March against textbooks in La Paz 


La Paz, Baja California Sur. (OEM-Informex). – The National Front for the Family in Baja California Sur demonstrated in La Paz against the textbooks of the New Mexican School, calling on parents to return copies once they are delivered. 

On August 28, the 2023-2024 school year begins and with it the start of the new educational model of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in the more than 1,100 schools that will receive more than 155,000 students from Baja California Sur. Members of the movement walked through the streets of the state capital to make visible their rejection of the content of the new educational material that they consider to be a gender ideology that will have repercussions on minors. 

At 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 26, members of the Frente por la Familia met at the intersection of the streets on February 5 between Agustín Olachea and Isabel La Católica and walked with banners and horns until they reached the esplanade of the Government Palace. They believe that the Government of Mexico seeks to indoctrinate minors. 

Rafael Loera, president of this organization in the state, informed that, although the textbooks are already distributed in school zones, they will avoid the use of these texts in the classrooms, he recalled that they have worked on a federal protection to prevent copies from reaching to minors, they expect the federal authority to agree with them, as has happened in other states. 

He said that the demonstration is only one of the actions that they have sought to carry out as a protest to attract the attention of parents and more voices to join the petition for rejection. 

He reiterated that the burning of these textbooks will not take place as previously announced, however, he acknowledged that there are people who have carried out these actions in states such as Chiapas and they must be respected. 

“Precisely what we are looking for with the National Front is that all parents throughout the state could take notice and pay attention so that they could check the books when they are given them, after they return them to the schools. I don’t think we need to harm the environment with these kinds of acts but return them.” 

Attendees explained that they are concerned about the education of minors since the books contain material that is not appropriate for the age, they consider that there are issues that should be addressed in the family and not in educational establishments. 

“I came here because I do not agree with what the Ministry of Public Education is doing, this is like indoctrination and I am not willing to let my son go through there, they talk about sexuality, they talk about gender, they are only going to confuse them”, expressed Laura Reynoso. 

“The problem is that, as always, they don’t listen to us, parents should have been taken into account, since we are also part of education, they removed mathematics to introduce ideological issues to them. I only hope that more parents join this rejection because we cannot allow them to mess with our boys and girls, not with them,” said Ramiro Carillo. 

The National Front for the Family reiterated that the SEP did not follow the legal procedure summoning all the actors that are part of the education for the elaboration of the books, which should not have been printed since there was an amparo promoted by the National Union of Parents, however, the copies reached entities such as Baja California Sur and were delivered to educational establishments. 

They expressed that they would continue to wait for a resolution by a federal judge, so that, as in other states, students take textbooks from the previous year to teach this new period. Meanwhile, they called on parents to return the textbooks to the schools once the teachers deliver them to the students. 

 Source: El Sudcaliforniano